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About Candy Stevens

Our mission is the help our clients have a financially successful practice. Using advanced tax strategies and tax planning, we have saved clients thousands of dollars. We offer tax solutions that help our clients to decrease tax liabilities. Tax planning throughout the year is essential. It allows us to see problem areas, that, if not discovered until you have your tax return prepared, could result in a high tax liability.

We understand that every client is different, each client has different goals and each client will have their own unique set of problems. By listening to our clients, we develop plans for them which will help them reach their goals and fix their financial problems. This, in turn, reduces their stress level and improves their quality of life.

Candy has 30 years experience in tax, accounting and running her own businesses. Having the experience of owning different businesses over the years gives her the added advantage of understanding the stress and benefits that come with being self-employed. Because of this, she has a deep desire to help those that are self-employed be financially successful and take some of the stress off of them.

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